Jordan Workshops Address Human Trafficking

March 2011

On January 29, the Arab Women’s Legal Network, with support from the ABA Rule of Law Initiative, hosted a human trafficking awareness workshop for 70female Jordanian judges and public prosecutors. The Amman event was held underthe patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal.

Speakers included a special prosecutor, the director of Jordan’s anti-human trafficking police unit and a representative from Jordan’s National Center for Human Rights. Presentations covered Jordan’s national anti-human traffickingstrategy and recently enacted anti-human trafficking legislation.

Subsequent events were held in February and March to educate judges, lawyers, police and students on human trafficking. American experts, including a federal prosecutor and representatives from the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation and the Department of Homeland Security, conducted a workshop forspecial prosecutors and police to discuss the role of public prosecutors, investigators and the courts in prosecuting human trafficking cases. The event focused on anti-human trafficking legislation and on patterns of human trafficking cases. Additionally, a number of awareness sessions were heldin courts, at universities and in collaboration with human rights organizations. Members of non-governmental organizations, including lawyers, participated in the discussions on the identification of and service to human trafficking victims.

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