Women’s Rights Legal Clinic Launched on International Women’s Day

April 2013

In March, Yarmouk University held its first celebration in honor of International Women’s Day by launching an ABA ROLI-supported public legal education clinic that will focus on women’s rights issues. The Yarmouk University’s Law Faculty and the Princess Basma Center for Women’s Studies will manage the clinic, which is located in Irbid. Since the start of the spring 2013 semester, Yarmouk law professors and center staff have collaborated to develop a women’s rights curriculum for participating students, who will then conduct public presentations on women’s rights, including for university students and community organizations in Irbid.

Director of the Women’s Center, Dr.Amneh Khasawneh, addresses the audience at the launch of the legal education clinic on women’s rights. The clinic will be the first activity of the newly established center. Dr. Nisreen Mahasneh (right) introduced and leads the clinical legal education program at Yarmouk University.

More than 100 students, professors and community leaders—including Yarmouk University’s president—attended the event. During the presentations, two former legal clinic students summarized their experiences at the university’s for-credit employee rights clinic, which has been conducted with ABA Rule of Law Initiative support since 2012. The students discussed various misconceptions that target populations initially held about women’s rights in the workplace. The students not only shared the impact of this innovative effort, but also sought to inspire support among law professors for clinical legal education activities. The event also included a presentation on working women’s rights, which engaged professors from across academic departments to address obstacles and to promote opportunities for women in the workforce.

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