Third National Moot Court Competition Held in Jordan

March 2009

Sixteen teams from eight Jordanian law schools participated in the ABA Ruleof Law Initiative’s (ABA ROLI’s) third national moot courtcompetition on January 31. In the past two years, ABA ROLI experts havetrained local professors, boosting their capacity to organize and train formoot court competitions. Eight events were held at the participating universities to qualify teams for the national competition. As a result of thisexperience, universities have begun to incorporate moot court activities within their law programs.

More than 180 students signed up for the 2009 competition. After an initial ABA ROLI workshop on moot court, a committee of law professors from each participating university was formed to prepare students. During the training,professors lectured students on the case’s subject matter while lawyers and judges addressed presentation skills. The students visited courts and rehearsed before faculty members. Moot court competition alumni helped with coaching andassisted ABA ROLI staff during the national event. Many alumni credit thecompetition with enhancing their advocacy skills and with boosting their selfconfidence. One law student accompanying her team said that the competition washer first visit to the court and the first time she felt like a lawyer receiving professional training.

Jordan’s minister of justice, a committed partner in ABA ROLI’s legal education reform efforts, attended the event for the third year in a row.Additionally, the Ministry of Justice awarded plaques and a total of $1,550 inprize money to the top eight students. The U.S. Agency for International Development, a funder of ABA ROLI programs in Jordan, also awardedcomplementary English courses at the American Language Center in Amman to the eight students who made it to the semi-finals. Other ABA ROLI legal educationreform efforts in Jordan include curriculum development for law programs,professional development opportunities for law professors, and internships anda writing competition for law students.

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