Jordanian Minister of Justice Participates in Summer Practicum Graduation


On Thursday June 14th, 2007 His Excellency the Minister of Justice Sharif AlZu’bi distributed certificates to 32 students from Jordan University andYarmouk University to mark the completion of the ABA Rule of Law Initiative'stwo week intensive training course on practical legal skills. The intensivesummer course included skills-building exercises, learning opportunities forsubstantive areas of the law, field trips and seminars from local attorneys andjudges. International experts focused on helping develop students practicallegal skills, in writing, research, drafting, negotiation and ethics. Thestudents then began a two week externship opportunity at NGOs, private lawfirms and the courts allowing them to observe and participate in the practiceof law while building practical skills. The externships also helped promoteawareness of Jordan’slegal system and cultivate an interest in particular areas of law.

This year, student interest was so great that the ABA Rule of LawInitiative's Jordan officeheld a second session beginning on June 17th for students from Philadelphia University.

The Rule of Law Initiative first launched the Jordan summer practicum program in2006, and it has generated much interest among stakeholders. Last year’spracticum and the two held this June were organized and conducted by Rule ofLaw Initiative staff and visiting experts, including JoAnne Roake, ProfessorMarcia Levy and Dean Charles Doskow. The Rule of Law Initiative is encouraginguniversities to institutionalize the practicum and other modern learningopportunities for law students such as moot court and public legal education.


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