Jordanian Law Students Participate in National Moot Court Competition

May 2011

The final round of Jordan’s fifth national moot court competition was heldon May 7 at the Palace of Justice in Amman, under the patronage of the president of the Judicial Council. Thirty-two law students argued before judicial panels, taking on the role of lawyers in a hypothetical case involving Jordan’s Trafficking in Persons Law and its Labor Law.

Moot court has become a symbol of the ABA Rule of Law Initiative’s (ABAROLI’s) success in introducing practical, skills-building activities to university law programs in Jordan, which had traditionally relied on lecturesto teach legal theories. Further, no other event in Jordan brings together judges, lawyers and law professors in support of legal education. 

The competition was an opportunity for the students to develop their research skills and apply relevant laws to the hypothetical facts presented inthe case. By arguing their cases in Palace of Justice court rooms andinteracting with practicing judges and lawyers, the participating students experienced first hand the work of judges and lawyers. The judges praised thestudents’ composure as well as their legal arguments.

Since ABA ROLI introduced the national competition in 2007, universities throughout Jordan have recognized the value of this activity in boosting students’ argument skills, in exposing them to litigation, in learning about unique areas of the law and in engaging practicing judges and lawyers in legal education efforts. Many universities, in addition to those participating in the competition, have included moot court activities in their law programs and have built moot court rooms.        

A delegation of law professors and students from four Egyptian universities attended two days of the competition. They discussed the organization of the competition with ABA ROLI staff in Jordan and spoke to participating students,professors, judges and lawyers. 

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