Jordanian Female Judges Complete Mentorship Program

July 2012

On June 7, the Arab Women’s Legal Network (AWLN) held a closing ceremony in Amman, Jordan, to mark the completion of its six-month mentorship program to enhance the capacity of newly-appointed Jordanian female judges. AWLN trained 31 female judges through the program, which was implemented with the assistance of the ABA Rule of Law Initiative and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

AWLN provided specialized training courses and connected newly appointed female judges with more experienced judges. Training topics included women’s rights, human trafficking and human rights, and especially focused on the application of national and international laws and conventions.

Jordanian Minister of Justice Khalifeh al Suleiman and President of the Judicial Council Hishal Tall both attended the ceremony. Al Suleiman praised the work of AWLN and the increasing influence of women in the judiciary, while also acknowledging the specific challenges female judges face in Jordan. The participating judges say that the program enhanced their court skills, particularly in relation to gender-based cases and domestic violence.

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