Anti-Human Trafficking Workshop Hosted in Jordan

July 2010

The ABA Rule of Law Initiative’s (ABA ROLI’s) Jordan program convened a training workshop to examine issues related to trafficking in persons (TIP).The two-day workshop, hosted in July, attracted about 30 lawyers, along with Ministry of Justice officials and members of Jordan’s Public Security Department. The seminar detailed the Jordanian government’s strategy for combating TIP, including recent legislation and a new human trafficking unit within the Public Security Department.

Presentations on the global nature of human trafficking emphasized the importance of identifying and prosecuting such cases in Jordan. Two international experts and a leading Jordanian human rights attorney discussed the legal definition of human trafficking, methods for identifying human trafficking cases, and the responsibilities of different actors—governmental and non-governmental—in fighting TIP.

Participants were enthusiastic about the workshop and said that it helped broaden their understanding of human trafficking and clarify their role inidentifying cases and assisting victims. An important outcome of the workshop was a deeper understanding of existing efforts, by both non-governmental organizations and various government entities, to combat human trafficking in Jordan. This, taken together with increased coordination, will help maximize impact ofanti-human trafficking efforts.

The Jordanian government has been proactive in creating a national strategy to address the issue, and ABA ROLI’s program, funded by the U.S. Department ofState’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, is designed toassist with its implementation through trainings for key stakeholders and public awareness initiatives.

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