Yarmouk University Launches Alternative Dispute Resolution

September 2008

On September 18, Yarmouk University, one of the largest and oldest universities in Jordan, launched an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) course for undergraduate and graduate law students. The course, developed with ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) support, reflects the university’s commitment to modern and practical legal curricula. ABA ROLI’s work in Jordan has included efforts to build consensus around the need for legal education that better prepares students for the job market. As a result, two universities, Yarmouk University and the Applied Science University, have recently revised their law programs to include ADR coursework. The topic is a timely addition to Jordanian legal education, as the court system has recently developed, with ABA ROLI support,several mediation centers to offer an alternative to Jordan’s lengthy and costly litigation process.

The course is designed to engage students in skills-building activities andto provide a sound understanding of ADR and mediation. Materials for the coursewere developed by ABA ROLI staff and law professors from Yarmouk University, which is the first institution to teach the course. The ADR department of Jordan’s Ministry of Justice also played a significant role in the course’s development byhosting meetings between their staff and law professors, by reviewing coursematerials, and by offering ongoing assistance to those professors teaching thecourse.

For more information about ABA ROLI’s work in Jordan, contact KathyMcEnany at <kmcenany@staff.abanet.org>.