Law Students Compete in Jordan's First Moot Court Competition


On Saturday, May 5, 24 law students from three universities — Jordan, Yarmouk and Philadelphia— participated in Jordan’sFirst Moot Court Competition.  Eighteen judges and lawyers evaluated 12teams as they participated in a round of legal arguments leading up to thefinal debate between teams from JordanUniversity and Yarmouk University. The Ministry of Justice Secretary General delivered awards to the winningteams, including $1,400 in prize money. Students from Yarmouk Universitywon first place.  Teams from Jordan University won thesecond, third and fourth place prizes.  

Jordan’s Legal Educationteam is working with local universities and other stakeholders to enhance legaleducation in Jordan. Jordanexperts (Dean Charles Doskow, Marc Sacks, and Michael Roake) and local staffdeveloped the mock argument, the competition rules, and conducted intensivetraining sessions to prepare the students for the Competition, includingpresenting sample arguments in Arabic and judging students’ practicepresentations. 

Moot Court and other extracurricular activities were introduced by ABA ROLIto enhance students’ practical skills.  The Competition was also anopportunity to involve judges and lawyers in the learning process.  TheCompetition was held at the Amman Palace of Justice, and the judges and lawyerswho participated were amazed at the students’ performance.  Their successhas encouraged support for expanding this program in Jordan, and to eventuallyorganizing a regional Moot Court Competition.


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