Cairo Event Gathers CLE Alumni

March 2010

On March 3, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) hosted an alumni event for graduates of its continuing legal education (CLE) courses in Egypt. About 40 of the 100 young lawyers who attended the CLE classes ABA ROLI and its local partners have offered since early 2009 attended the event.

In addition to honing the participants’ lawyering skills, the CLE classes have also offered a networking opportunity for the young lawyers. The classes often mark a starting point for the strong connections that develop both among the trainees and between trainees and trainers. While the Cairo event was the first occasion that brought the alumni together in a professional setting, many of them regularly interact through social networking websites.

Following a guest speaker presentation, alumni shared their experiences in informal discussions. The alumni, five of whom will soon begin work as prosecutors, said they were excited to share their professional developments.

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