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Rule of Law Initiative Leads Freedom of Information Workshops in Bahrain


ABA Consultant and Trainer Mitchell Pearlman, an international expert in thefield of Freedom of Information (FOI) law and administration, was posted in Bahrain from May 19 to 30, 2007, at the request of Bahrain Minister of Justice Sheikh Khalifa.

Pearlman led FOI workshops for Bahraini judges and prosecutors and met withsenior officials of the Bahraini Ministry of Justice (BMoJ) and Islamic Affairs. Discussions focused on the theoretical and practical issues regarding Bahrain's possible adoption of access to government information legislation.

Pearlman also delivered additional seminars on the subjects of Freedom o fExpression (FOE) and Freedom of Association (FOA). In preparation for and inresponse to requests arising during his programs in Bahrain, he produced anumber of documents, analytical reports, and training materials.