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Peru Programs

Providing litigation and investigation training

The ABA Rule of Law Initiative’s (ABA ROLI’s) work in Peru supports the implementation of the new CPC by boosting justice sector capacity through a series of training workshops.

These workshops cover several issues, including investigation and litigation under an accusatorial criminal justice system and several specialized topics, such as transnational crime, human trafficking, money laundering and narcotics trafficking. The trainings seek to promote a greater understanding of the accusatorial system and teach the skills necessary to support its implementation. They are provided to professionals across justice sector institutions and foster mutual understanding of the roles and responsibilities of key actors.

Increasing support for the accusatorial system
The success of the accusatorial criminal justice system depends on the level of buy-in its creative concepts have among justice sector institutions and the general public. ABA ROLI strives to foster broader understanding of and support for the accusatorial system by conducting outreach activities targeting justice sector institutions, bar associations, law schools, civil society representatives and the general public. We host mock trial competitions for law students, allowing them to apply their newly acquired practical skills to hypothetical cases; conduct media campaigns to promote public awareness of the reforms; provide orientation for civil society organizations regarding judicial reform efforts; and convene local experts, allowing them to devise ways to increase access to justice for disabled citizens.