Regional Anti-Corruption Program Adviser (RACA) Background

With funding from the U.S. Department of State through the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, in August 2002 the Asia Division initiated a program to assist and support signatories to the Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia/Pacific developed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The Anti-Corruption Action Plan aims at taking concrete and meaningful priority steps to deter, prevent and combat corruption at all levels, without prejudice to existing international commitments and in accordance with each signatory own jurisdictional and other basic legal principles.

The Asia Division has placed a long-term regional anti-corruption adviser (RACA) in Bangkok, Thailand to implement this program, which focuses on providing technical assistance in support of anti-corruption implementation efforts in selected countries and building links among existing anti-corruption activities.