Legal Profession Reform Strategies

Bar association development

In Liberia, ABA ROLI has supported the Liberian National Bar Association. The association is, through ABA ROLI subgrant, working on developing a continuing legal education program for current attorneys.

In Armenia, ABA ROLI facilitated the creation of a unified bar association, convening a meeting at which Armenian lawyers adopted a charter, passed a code of ethics and elected officers for the new organization. Since 2001, ABA ROLI has worked with the bar association to create and administer a bar exam in Armenia. In 2009, the Armenian Bar Association conducted the examination, with minimal ABA ROLI technical support. ABA ROLI continues to support the association as it works to computerize the exam to enhance its objectivity and transparency.

In China, ABA ROLI is supporting the All China Lawyers Association in strengthening its members’ public interest advocacy capacity. Areas of collaboration have included children’s rights and enforcement of environmental laws and criminal justice reform.

Substantive legal training

In Moldova, ABA ROLI works with the U.S. Embassy’s resident legal advisor to provide trial advocacy skills training for both prosecutors and defense lawyers. Working with members of the Moldovan Bar Association, ABA ROLI utilizes interactive teaching methods and materials adapted to Moldovan criminal law, criminal procedure and judicial practice.

ABA ROLI’s mediation program in Mexico, originally meant to do a pilot project in one state, has reached 22 of the 32 Mexican states. We trained more than 400 mediators, with 24 of them receiving further training to enable them to provide future trainings. The program assisted in opening 18 mediation centers, in rewriting legislation to allow court-annexed mediation and in providing specialized trainings in family mediation.
At the request of the Rwandan Ministry of Justice, ABA ROLI developed a program to support institutional capacity building. It coordinated integrated training and supported legal institutions to increase access to justice.