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What We Do

Access to Justice & Human Rights ABA ROLI has worked with La Sagesse University faculty in Lebanon to develop and implement a course focusing on substantive national and international human rights law.
Legal Education Reform & Civic Education In Liberia, ABA ROLI has helped rebuild the nation’s only law school and, among other things, sponsors a scholarship program that provides students with intensive practical skills training.
Women's Rights The ABA Rule of Law Initiative supported the establishment of Azerbaijan’s first women’s bar association.


Our Thematic Areas

Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity

Corruption undermines the rule of law by undercutting governmental and other societal institutions, by diminishing respect for human rights and by limiting opportunities for economic growth. It impedes development objectives, causes judicial system dysfunction, weakens application of the law and negatively impacts citizens everyday. Read more »

Access to Justice and Human Rights

International human rights principles recognize access to justice both as a basic human right and as a means to protect other universally recognized human rights. Too often, even when rights protections exist on paper, effective enforcement of these standards is weak. Read more »

Criminal Law Reform and Anti-Human Trafficking

Our criminal law reform and anti-human trafficking programs provide technical assistance to governments, civil society organizations and justice sector professionals, including prosecutors, police, defense counsel, magistrates and judges. Read more »

Judicial Reform

As part of our judicial reform programs, we promote greater independence, accountability and transparency in judicial systems; assist in drafting and implementing codes of judicial ethics; promote judicial education and training; and help to enhance court administration and efficiency. Read more »

Legal Education Reform and Civic Education

At the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI), we believe that changing the mindset of a country’s future legal professionals is one of the surest ways to usher in lasting legal reforms. Yet, in many parts of the world, the next generation of judges, prosecutors and lawyers is being shaped by legal education systems that are in dire need of reform. Read more »

Legal Profession Reform

We help to increase the professionalism and expertise of lawyers around the world by providing technical assistance for continuing legal education (CLE) and advanced skills training. We support professional associations as they develop into sustainable organizations that can regulate the legal profession, provide training and advocate on behalf of their members. Read more »

Women's Rights

Ensuring full respect for women’s rights is essential to building the rule of law, yet achieving this goal is challenging in many of our host countries. We initiated our women’s rights program in 1996 to promote reforms that foster women’s empowerment and enhance their legal status. We undertake a range of activities to advance gender equality, including promoting access to justice, supporting the role of women in the legal profession and combating violence against women. Read more »

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