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Open Requests for Proposal from the American Bar Association



Description:  Request for Proposal for Defined Contribution Administration, Trustee and Investment Manager Services

Post date: May 20, 2016
Date to remove: June 10, 2016
RFP contact: Stuart Kauffman (


Description: Live Webinar and On-Demand Course Services for Continuing Legal Education 

The ABA Center for Professional Services produces over 400 continuing legal education webinars annually.  Each of the webinars is recorded and becomes an on-demand product. Vendors must meet minimum requirements outlined in RFP to be considered.

Post date: May 6,2016
Date to remove: June 16, 2016
RFP Contact:  Denny Kray (

Files: CON-10601 RFP for Live Webinar On-Demand  GC-CPD revisions final

Description: RFP for Translation and Interpretation Services for ABA ROLI Africa

Post date: May 2, 2016
Date to remove: May 31, 2016
RFP contact:
Kristin Kirouac (
Denise Shelton in absentia (

Files: RFP Translation and Interpretation Services - Africa

Description: ABA Publishing Composition Request for Proposal

Post date: April 25, 2016
Date to remove: June 1, 2016
RFP contact: Marisa L. L’Heureux (


Description: The ABA needs a flexible web-based database application with approval workflows that can store the details and related documents pertaining to regulatory actions levied against U.S. lawyers.  The application must provide a secure channel by which authorized reporting agents can submit to the Center for Professional Responsibility electronic data relating to public lawyer regulatory actions both in the United States and abroad.

Post date: April 18, 2016
Date to remove: June 10, 2016
RFI contact: Kevin Borek (


Please contact Kevin Borek @ 312-988-6237 with any questions.

Description: We are requesting bids for providing fully-managed hosting services for three critical ABA applications.  The applications are our existing Personify Association Management System, our existing Website ( and our existing Oracle Enterprise. 

Post date: April 14, 2016
Date to remove: May 27, 2016
RFP contact: Kevin Borek (


Please contact Kevin Borek @ 312-988-6237 with any questions.

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